Drinking Whisky Glencairn Glass


Before the obsession with whiskies was born, it was my day job to engrave all manner of things. It was actually that skill that lead toward this winding path down the whisk(e)y road. After years of engraving glasses for imbibers, talking to enthusiasts, and wondering what it was all about, I finally dipped my toes in to this so called "water of life". 

Now, here I am, neck deep in a love for these complex spirits, and digging deeper every day in to the nuances that surround them. While paddling through tasting notes and backstories, I came to find that the community surrounding whisk(e)y is as wonderful as the drinks themselves, if not more so. So, with a passion for this beverage and from the nudging by the incredible community, I decided I wanted to see if I could do more.

It is my hope to spread the love of this ancient elixir with even more hope that we can help you do the same. Barrel Raised is in its infancy now, but we've got some ideas coming down the road that we would love to share with you. 

So in the mean time, raise a glass to booze raised in barrels and enjoy the journey - Cheers!