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Drinking Whisky Glencairn Glass

Distilled from business, passion, and community : Barrel Raised was born.

Being engravers first, we worked with clients from all sorts of backgrounds to bring their ideas to life. One regular source of projects came from those with a passion for craft beverages. Having no real knowledge in that area, it pushed us to learn what it was all about.

Craft Beverage 101 started with a dip into beer and cocktails, but it was whiskey that gave the real nudge down the rabbit hole. It started as a curiosity and transformed into an obsessive passion - we were immersed in groups, books, tastings, and even the building of a spirits library. In the process, we found ourselves surrounded by a tight-knight community - a community from *ALL* walks of life that shared in the enjoyment of everything craft.

Our mission now is to help others enjoy this passion as much as we do. Whether it be delivering personalized products that help to elevate your experiences, or just chatting about all things craft and flavor, Barrel Raised is here to help!


That's Some Whiskey Business

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